Inbound Call Centre

In the world of self-service, talented front line staff who are empathetic problem-solvers matter more than ever. However, the live service interaction is what is usually ill-equipped in most scenarios. Therefore, we at Wow customer support have consciously developed a strong inbound customer service team who can efficiently respond to customer queries, leading to revenue generation for the organization.

Inbound call center outsourcing
Inbound call center services is an area of expertise at Wow. We handle B2B and B2C order taking, sales, customer services, and everything in-between. Thus, with our proficiency in understanding the key metrics to manage, we can accurately forecast calls, incoming emails, texts, and chats. Furthermore, we offer many solutions that are customizable and flexible to keep costs in check. Also, at the same time, ensuring you don’t miss achieving your inbound customer service levels and customer acquisition rates.

Why choose inbound call center services at Wow customer support

Customer Services

The new-age customers are well adept in ordering a product or service online than visiting the actual store. Hence, a front-line staff who would take necessary orders and provide a positive experience to the customers is mandatory. Therefore, at Wow, our inbound customer service team is operational 24×7 and offers live order taking services through multiple channels.  They can identify customer’s needs, clarify information, research issues, and provide solutions promptly. This also includes handling any customer issues, questions, account concerns, and delinquency management.  Therefore, we ensure all interactions are documented and stored in the database.

Sales Support

We try to leverage the contextual data of our clients and identify touchpoints for sales conversion. Also, our inbound customer service representatives interact with customers on a regular basis. Hence, they are chosen with care to help our clients acquire, create, and retain customers. Furthermore, they help in marketing new services and product launches during their interactions with the customers. Our inbound customer service executives also provide business solutions and help set up a robust customer support database. Therefore, you can utilize these skills to grow your business and increase productivity.

Latest technology

Due to our advanced infrastructure and uptime statistics, there’s never a detail missing in our reports. Wow’s latest scripting tools, security, redundancy, and seamless integration makes us one of the best inbound call center companies in the market. We ensure your business is ahead of the technology curve to support all kinds of customer service and call center activities. Furthermore, our inbound call center services keep client satisfaction levels high, even as we keep overall operating costs low. Whether you need to improve your social media customer services or wholesale updates with your call center activities, we provide  real-time, real-life, practical solutions. 

With timely responses and excellent customer service feedback, our happy clients speak for us! Also, we are one of the leading inbound call center companies in the markets providing services to many top businesses in the world. Therefore, if you are looking to outsource inbound call center services, your search is over! If you would like to know more, would be delighted to give you more details about our inbound call center services. Click here to contact us. Also, ask for our one-week free trial.